Acoustic sound control solutions for the New Zealand hospitality industry, offices and studios
acoustic sound control solutions for NZ studios, home theatres, restaurants, bars and cafes
acoustic sound control solutions for New Zealand studios, home theatres, offices, meeting rooms, theatres and schools

Acoustic Panels & Products for Home & Professional Studios, Home Theatres, Office, Cafes & Schools


- Bass Trap Sale Now On. Until 31st January 2017 we are offering great pricing on our range of Studio and Home Theatre corner Acoustic Bass Trap Panels. Hundreds of studios throughout NZ (e.g. Parachute Studios in Auckland - see below) have benefited from these essential acoustic tools. Contact us for Sale prices & delivery:

Super Bass Traps in the corners of Parachute's Auckland Recording Studios.
"The Super Bass traps we purchased from NZ Acoustics for a number of our new project studios have done a superb job of cleaning up the lower mid frequencies we were having a problem with. They look good, are simple to install and the service from Nigel at NZ Acoustics was first rate."
Mark de Jong - Parachute Studios

- New free-standing Mega Bass Trap released - the range of Traps has been revised: the Standard & Super Bass Trap models have been retained, the very popular Super Bass trap prices have been reduced and a revised Mega Trap has been introduced for larger Studios and Home Theatres.
All three models have a matching smart black and white look and all fit subtley into any any room decor.

- Portable Acoustic Screens (Gobos) now available. Perfect for School Classroom Quiet Spaces and Break-Out Areas. Also an invaluable tool for all home and professional Recording Studios. The prices are great and the results are spectacular.

School Quiet Space & Break-Out Area Portable Acoustic 
Screen. Studio & Home Theatre Recording Gobo

- Clients Photo Gallery. The Gallery shows a selection from the hundreds of studios, home theatres, restaurants, gymnasiums, offices, halls and swimming pools throughout New Zealand.
Studio & Home Theatre Acoustics Pack

Studio & Home Theatre Acoustic Pack

"The imaging of my monitors has been enhanced to a great degree - it places instruments so well that it feels like you could reach up and touch the sounds."

"Thank you for going the extra mile by giving me your advice on my room. The panels work really well and I can now hear mix details I couldn't before. Magical. Thank you."
Top sound control system using the finest materials that will add a very cool look to your studio, music room or home theatre at an unbeatable price.

Pack includes:
5 x 1200x600x25mm wall polyester acoustic panels to tame your early wall & ceiling reflections and provide you with the ultimate stereo listening environment.
8 x 1200x300x50mm corner bass traps to tighten up your bass tracks. Bass traps should be floor to ceiling in all 4 corners to be effective. They reduce "boominess" and avoid bass nulls or modes - common problems with small & medium sized rooms.

Send us photos and dimensions of your room and we'll send back free room recommendations for optimum panel placement and installation.

E-mail us for prices & delivery:

For further specifications and acoustic accessories see our Polyester Panels page.