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Fittings and Accessories

Ceiling Panel Suspension Kit
Ceiling acoustic panel suspension kit.   Suspended Acoustic Ceiling Panels.

Suspending an acoustic ceiling panel by even 25-50mm doubles the mid and bass frequency sound absorption.

This is because acoustic panels are velocity absorbers i.e. when sound travels through a panel at full speed the panel with absorb 75% or more of that sound. However when the sound nears the ceiling it slows down. This has little or no effect on higher frequencies (voices) but it does have a significant effect on mid and bass frequencies (music).
See the below chart to see what effect suspension has on panel sound absorption performance.

Therefore Studios, Cafes, Bars and Home Theatres will benefit most by suspending ceiling acoustic panels.

These suspension kits not only look great and very professional - they also allow you to easily suspend panels with a spring loaded adjustment fitting at the panel end of the suspension wire. This is a quick and easy method for any handy person to suspend the panels and get them hanging straight.

Quantity - four kits are required to hang each panel.

NRC24mm = 0.75 (NRC = Noise reduction coeficient. A measure of a panel's overall sound reduction/absorption ranging from 0=zero to 1=100% absorption)

Graph of 24mm Standard Panel NRC Values
                                      - No Gap     - 25mm Gap     - 50mm Gap
                                                    NRC performance by frequency

Gobo Feet
Acoustic Panel and Gobo Stability Feet.   Acoustic Panel and Gobo Stability Feet.

Adustable feet for Designer Acoustic Panels and Gobos.

These feet provide stability for Gobos or panels and are particularly useful where they are used to form acoustic walls or room partitions.

Popular in busy spaces e.g. Offices and Classrooms.

Two feet are required per Gobo or panel.

Pack Size - sold in packs of two.

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