Ceiling Polyester Acoustic Tiles

Ceiling white acoustic tiles especially designed and cut to fit in a modern suspended ceiling grid. Suitable for offices, schools, cafes and any room with a suspended drop-in tile ceiling and providing the ultimate in noise reduction.

Ceiling Acoustic Tiles

White polyester acoustic ceiling tile - 1195mm x 595mm x 50mm, light weight, and smart looks. The ultimate acoustic ceiling tile for unwanted noise reduction in busy environments.

The 50mm thickness is over twice the thickness of other ceiling tiles and therefore absorbs not only child and female adult voices but also the boomy lower mid and bass frequencies of male adult voices. Also ideal where background music and machinery noise is a problem.

Polyester acoustic ceiling tiles for New 
Zealand offices, schools, cafes, restaurants and bars


Manufacture - Bonded plastic fibre @ 35 Kgs per M3 density. Light, no irritation, eco friendly, washable, fade resistant, fireproof & 100% NZ building regulation compliant. These tiles also meet all the latest NZ Education Department guidelines for school classrooms.

Size - Tiles are w:595mm h:1195mm with square edges.

Thickness - 50mm thick.

Colours - White as shown above.

Pack Size - 4 Panels per pack.

Fire Rating - A Rated - Non flamable.

Fixing - No installation required - simply replace existing ceiling tiles in the noisiest parts of the room.

Application - Ceilings - 50mm tiles.

Coverage - A ceiling coverage of around 36% has proven to significantly reduce unwanted noise at a reasoanble price.

NRC - 0.90 (NRC = Noise reduction coeficient. A measure of a panel's overall sound reduction/absorption ranging from 0=zero to 1=100% absorption)

Hz      NRC
100    0.12
125    0.23
160    0.44
200    0.50
250    0.63
315    0.78
400    0.74
500    0.91
630    0.92
800    1.00
1000  0.99
1250  0.95
1600  0.96
2000  0.99
2500  0.94
3150  0.96
4000  0.95
5000  1.00

To View a detailed chart of NRC values for all NZ Acoustics Ltd Products including the New & Innovative Super Bass Trap plus a comparison to Foam Bass Traps claimed and measured values download this PDF document.

Weight - 1.0kg.

Send us your room measurements and snaps of your ceilings and we'll send you back free recommendations for the quantity and positioning of your acoustic panels.

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